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Welcoming Children from Lozova to Tomblaine

Once again, the city of Tomblaine demonstrates its solidarity towards Ukraine. In September, 17 Ukrainian children from Lozova were welcomed for a five-week school period, from September 17th to October 22nd, as part of a transplanted class. This marks Tomblaine's third time hosting youths from Lozova; the previous two occasions were in the form of respite stays, whereas this stay focused on education. Aged 8, 9, and 10, these children have hardly attended school as in Ukraine, schooling begins at the age of six. When they reached that age, the Covid-19 pandemic prevented them from attending, followed by the onset of war. Their school lacking bomb shelters, they still cannot attend classes in person.

For a month, these Ukrainian children were accommodated at Jules Ferry School, where a dedicated classroom was equipped with furniture and an interactive whiteboard, among other amenities. The interactive whiteboard and high-speed internet enabled teachers to be in contact with other students in Ukraine while teaching this group in person.

A significant aspect for these children was communication with French children during breaks, in the school cafeteria, at the Wednesday Non-Residential Leisure Center (CLSH), as well as participating in activities offered by Tomblaine's associations. The teaching team at Jules Ferry School plans to integrate this group into the school's educational project through specific actions.

The group was supervised by three Ukrainian escorts, including one teacher, as well as French animators employed by the city of Tomblaine. They stayed in a municipal cottage by the water, providing a peaceful haven.

There was a remarkable spontaneous mobilization of the population: neighbors, teachers, and municipal staff were welcoming and supportive. Many partners also spontaneously provided assistance: a business owner offered a day at an amusement park, the Greater Nancy Metropolitan Area hosted the group at the pool and took them on a visit to the Aquarium. ASNL provided tickets for a football match, and the State also supported us. What generosity from everyone!

We have asked the Mayor, Mr. Hervé Feron, to share the list of residents who contributed to this reception. Honestly, the number of people who made this stay possible in a city of 20,000 inhabitants is incredible. To thank them: Sylvie Kurt, Patou Herman, Safia Ihaddadene, Stéphanie Guyot, Sébastien Fetzer, Adama Titah, Rita (Ripsine Bagdasarian), Philippe Luce, Rosyne Luce, Alexandre Huet, Denise Gundelwein, Agnès Féron, Patrice Pernin, Yaya, Mireille Daffara, Monique Oster, Chantal Willemin, Philippe Maissains, Christine Maissains, Patricia Lopez, Alain Legay, Ralph Lallemand, Mariya Lallemand, Boualem Ihaddadene. Musicians: Hugo Féron and Damien Aman. Municipal catering: Corinne Pailler, Jean-Marc Dupré. The school canteen animation team and the teams of Jules Ferry School's welcoming workshops and kitchen teams. In laundry: Orélie Ancelin, Sabrina Sécula. Technical services: Olivier Salvé and his team. For wifi: André Gonin. At Foyer Marcel Grandclerc: Sophie Lhuillier and Céline Rubert and the entire kitchen team. At volleyball: Alex Féron, Alona Pelc, Olga Gostisheva-Popovych, Galyna Malysheva. President of Volley VNVB: Patrick Venturi. AS Nancy-Lorraine for football match invitations. Greater Nancy Metropolitan Area, for the pool, Nancy Aquarium. Laura Marthély and the Batucada de Tomblaine. Tomblaine Dance Teachers: Stéphanie Adé and Morgan de Quelen. Philippe Kadem and Tomblaine Football Club. Denis Hoelter for gymnastics sessions. Karima Khiri for dance with K&Move. Karine Benassar (French Sign Language and flamenco). All the facilitators of the leisure center... Mr. Albert, director of Jules Ferry School, all the teachers, and all the children of Jules Ferry School. Hervé Sastre, who, with his company Norba, provided tickets for the Walligator amusement park. Patrick Loko and his superb limousine...

Thank you to the residents of Tomblaine for your generosity. Your city is a true symbol of solidarity. Let us wish our friends from Lozova all the best, and we hope to see them again very soon, as a new educational stay is planned for entry in 2024 for the same group to reinforce the follow-up of their studies.


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