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Respite stay for the Children of Rivne: An Unforgettable Stay in Dieppe"

Europe Prykhystok, in cooperation with the Association Foyer Duquesne and the Rivne City Palace of Children, organized a respite stay for 24 young individuals from Rivne, who are victims of the war. The city is located near the border with Belarus, where Wagner forces pose a threat. The stay took place in Dieppe.

During the two-week period, these children were able to breathe and experience a sense of relief. They had the opportunity to rediscover their childhood, form friendships with youth from Dieppe, explore the ocean, go hiking, visit historical sites, and showcase their exceptional artistic talents.

We extend our deep gratitude to the Association Foyer Duquesne for their exemplary organization and warm welcome extended to these children. Their generosity has made this stay truly memorable. We also express our appreciation to the Rivne Palace for their valuable cooperation and dedicated care provided to these children during this challenging period.

The children have safely returned to Rivne, cherishing the memories they made during their stay, which will stay with them for a lifetime. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone for their support!

We would like to acknowledge the invaluable commitment of our institutional partners, Mayor Nicolas Langlois of the City of Dieppe and Mayor Oleksandr Tretiak of Rivne. Their unwavering support has been essential to the success of this initiative and has brought joy to the lives of these deserving children.

Together, we can continue to make a positive impact and bring moments of happiness to those affected by the war. Let us remain united in our efforts to support and uplift the children of Ukraine.


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