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Discover Europe Prykhystok's Initiative: Partnering with German Localities

Join us for our inaugural Information Session!

Since the beginning of 2024, over 27 German cities have opened their doors to children and teenagers affected by the conflict in Ukraine. We are thrilled to announce our First Information Session in Germany. On this occasion, you will have the opportunity to hear from the first German cities participating in the program. 

Scheduled for 6th of June 2024, at 11 a.m. CET, online via Zoom platform, this event is a collaborative effort between Europe Prykhystok and German localities, facilitating discussions on participation opportunities and challenges within the program.

This event will be conducted in English. 

Our agenda:

  1. Introductory words and presentation of Europe Prykhystok (Acting Director, Stanislav Kutsenko)

  2. Description of Europe Prykhystok activities 'respite stays' and 'transplanted classes' in France (Project Manager in France, Vilena Yaniuk)

  3. Exchange on opportunities and constraints for participating in Europe Prykhystok  Germany (Representative from one of the participating German cities, moderated by Ana-Ramona Vasar, Project Manager in Germany)

  4. Open Q&A Session


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