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Welcome to Europe Prykhystok's Exclusive Online-Event Series

Our events are dedicated to supporting German cities in their efforts to aid children affected by the Ukraine conflict.

On 4th of July 2024, 9 a.m. CET, we will run our 2nd Information Session in Germany via Zoom platform.

In this upcoming event, we will present how to effectively collaborate with Europe Prykhystok in supporting war-affected children and give insights into the financial aspects of organizing respite stays.

We're keen to help German localities overcome fundraising challenges and showcase our strategy of building strong partnerships between regional NGOs and political leaders. We invite you to a highly-productive session in which we will listen to experiences shared by French and German localities.

This event will be conducted in German and English.

Our agenda:

  1. How to organize a fundraising campaign? Which aspects are decisive for regional foundations to take part in Europe Prykhystok activities? (Yuliia Tsomyk, Representative of Unity Center U.A. in Bremen)

  2. Contribution of the respite stays to the psychological well-being of war-affected children (Akim Zeboudj - Referent for International Relations Department in Gennevilliers)

  3. Fundraising and budgets for 'respite stays' and 'transplanted classes' (Guest Speaker, Daryna Illienko, Referent for the Solidarity Partnership with Rivne in Berlin, Pankow)

  4. Open Q&A Session

Don't miss out—register at the link below and make a difference!


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