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Europe Pryhystok team visited Lviv and Bucha in Ukraine: a lot of plans ahead

The Europe Pryhystok team visited Ukraine and witnessed the country's resilience in the face of war. They were impressed by the dedication of local organizations and officials to deepening democracy, innovating, and caring for the population simultaneously.

In Lviv, the team met people who had fled the war, with hundreds living in collective places that had been renovated thanks to the work of the Europe Prykhystok team and their partners like Yurii Bezkorovainyi and Lviv Regional State Administration, and the support of Fondation de France.

In Bucha, Benjiamin Abtan, Yuli-Anna Khymchuk, and François Trésorier paid homage to the peaceful people who were cruelly massacred by the Russian army. The program’s team also met with Mayor Anatolii Fedoruk and 20 young people who had enjoyed a respite stay offered by the Communauté urbaine de Dunkerque in January as part of the Europe Prykhystok program.

The youth expressed their commitment to helping other children enjoy similar experiences and receive emotional support. "In France we were away from the bomb alarms, far from the blackout, the cold, and the fear. We could see what our country could look like when we win. We have been speaking with our friends in France throughout the war," -- they shared.

This summer, an additional 40 children from Bucha will be welcomed for three weeks in the Dunkerque region, with the young people who had previously participated in the program helping them prepare. Some will go to France to learn new skills, and Bucha will work with their European partner cities to implement actions for children in partnership with Europe Prykhystok.

Many more meaningful projects are underway.


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