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About us

Europe Prykhystok supports children victims of the war in Ukraine in brokering innovative partnerships between local actors from Ukraine and Europe.

These are local-to-local institutional and operational partnerships between cities, Regions, agglomerations and civil society organizations, with children at the center.


By doing so, we develop a non centralized regional governance model of support to populations displaced by wars.

Europe Prykhystok started working with local actors in Ukraine and France.

It is currently expanding throughout the continent.

Europe Prykhsytok was co-founded by Benjamin Abtan and Colleen Thouez.

Europe Prykhsytok actions have been supported by international funders such as the Robert Bosch Stiftung (Germany), Open Society Foundations (US), Fondation de France, Amazon Foundation (US), and Bain Capital company (UK).

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Our Vision

Europe can better address the needs of people displaced by wars.

There is an untapped potential in local actors to develop a non-centralized European governance model to do so, which could inspire other regions in the world and be used for other populations than Ukrainians.


The current decentralization process in Ukraine is at the heart of the deepening of democracy. Developing local-to-local cooperation partnerships supports this movement and strongly anchors the country in Europe, renewing a shared European identity.


Supporting children addresses the main needs identified by Ukrainian local actors and helps them build long term, sustainable partnerships with their European peers.

How we support

Europe Prykhystok constantly listens to the needs of local populations and develops actions together with them.


With a large network of local actors, we organize:

1. “Respite stays” outside Ukraine for children – 2 to 3 weeks.


2. “Transplanted classes”: children who have started their fourth consecutive school year in distance learning come to Europe with their teachers to the learn the Ukrainian curriculum in person – 3 to 4 weeks.


3. Support to youth and internally displaced people within Ukraine: renovation of collective living places and development of children and youth empowerment centers, especially in the areas that are the most affected by the war.


4. Development of local-to-local institutional and operational cooperation partnerships between Ukraine and Europe.

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