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About Us

“Europe Prykhystok” (“refugee”, “shelter” in Ukrainian) is a European initiative launched in April 2022 to support victims of the war, especially displaced people and children, in brokering partnerships between local actors: cities, Regions, agglomerations, civil society organizations.
It started in France and Ukraine and is currently expanding to new countries.
It was established by Benjamin Abtan, who is leading the operational team, and Dr. Colleen Thouez, who is chairing its Advisory Committee.


Our Vision

Europe has the capacity to better address the needs of people fleeing wars. There is an untapped potential for local actors to develop non-centralized European governance to more thoughtfully and creatively do so.

Refugee Support

Europe Prykhystok coordinates support in various ways, to best address the needs expressed in Ukraine by the victims of the war, displaced people, and local actors working with them.

Thanks to our partners, we are curently organizing :

  • Holidays / short-term respite stays outside of Ukraine for children.

  •  In-person learning outside of Ukraine, with their teachers, for classes learning remotely in Ukraine.

  • Support “winterization” and other efforts to make the living conditions of people displaced by the war better.

  • Technical support and sharing of expertise to local actors in Ukraine from European local actors.

  • Development of an empowerment children and youth center, in Kharkiv.


Respond to the needs expressed by victims of war

Listening to the evolving needs of people displaced by the war and of the institutions working with them in Ukraine, Poland and several other countries, and acting quickly to provide them with support from France and other foreign national actors: such is the essence of Europe Prykhystok.


Through dedicated local country teams, we listen to these needs in an agile way and adapt to meet them as they emerge.

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