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Europe Prykhystok soutient les enfants victimes de la guerre en Ukraine en créant des partenariats innovants entre les acteurs locaux d'Ukraine et d'Europe.

Il s'agit de partenariats institutionnels et opérationnels à l’échelle locale entre les villes, les régions, les agglomérations et les organisations de la société civile. Les enfants sont au centre de ces partenariats.


Par ces actions, nous développons un modèle de gouvernance régionale non centralisée pour soutenir les populations déplacées par les guerres.

Our impact

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children have enjoyed a respite stay to “breathe” away from the war. Coming from 7 Regions and 23 cities in Ukraine, they were welcomed in 22 locations in France.


people within Ukraine supported: internally displaced people through renovation of collective living places and children through empowerment centers.

We mobilized local actors


12 Regions 
22 cities
490 gromadas


7 cities
13 local associations
1 Region
Several tens of local actors from
9 additional countries committed to implement actions and develop local-to-local cooperation partnerships.


funders made these actions possible.

How we support

Europe Prykhystok constantly listens to the needs of local populations and develops actions together with them.


With a large network of local actors, we organize:

1. “Respite stays” outside Ukraine for children – 2 to 3 weeks.


2. “Transplanted classes”: children who have started their fourth consecutive school year in distance learning come to Europe with their teachers to the learn the Ukrainian curriculum in person – 3 to 4 weeks.


3. Support to youth and internally displaced people within Ukraine: renovation of collective living places and development of children and youth empowerment centers, especially in the areas that are the most affected by the war.


4. Development of local-to-local institutional and operational cooperation partnerships between Ukraine and Europe.


It was an incredible journey: museums, trips, performances - everything remained in my memory forever! But I believe that nothing can replace live communication. Meetings, evenings that we spent together with French peers will never be forgotten. I'm glad I have such wonderful friends!


Kateryna, 15 years old, from Trostyanets who participated in the Transplanted classes in Gennevilliers in February 2023



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