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«In Dunkerque, the Erasmus program spreads its wings to Ukraine»

La voix du Nord

Dunkerque and Europe Prykhystok are proud to have collaborated on an initiative that brought together young people from different parts of Europe. Through the program, Ukrainian children from Butcha were welcomed to Dunkerque, where they had the opportunity to learn about French culture.

During their stay in Dunkerque, the young Ukrainians of the city, sadly known for the disasters of war returned to childhood enjoying the beautiful beaches and the warm welcome of the local community. They also had the chance to meet with Erasmus students from Sweden, Italy, Poland, Ireland, and France. This meeting provided an excellent opportunity for the young people to connect, share their experiences and learn from each other.

The visit to Dunkerque is part of a broader partnership established in December between Dunkerque and Butcha. The partnership aims to bring the two communities closer together and contribute to the development of Erasmus in Ukraine. By fostering a sense of unity and understanding between different communities, the initiative hopes to promote peace, cooperation, and a brighter future for young people across Europe.


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