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The Ukrainian children are once again welcomed in Tomblaine

Twenty Ukrainian children from the town of Lozova, badly damaged since the Russian invasion, spend their school holidays in Tomblaine, near Nancy.

"After the success of the stay we had already organized with this program last summer, we responded positively to the new request to welcome these children traumatized by the war," explained Hervé Féron, the mayor of the city.

The children, aged 8 to 13, will take part in various activities at the leisure centre, including swimming, visiting the Aquarium-Museum of Nancy, and watching the basketball games of SLUC Nancy and AS Nancy Lorraine. The aim of the program is to offer children a break from the harsh reality of their lives and give them the chance to have a "normal" childhood experience.

"Today the kids are taking part in soccer practice, archery and other craft activities, including filming a short film," the hosts shared.

The children will stay in Tomblaine until Sunday 30 April.

“In June, the city will welcome an entire class from Lozova, accompanied by their teacher, for a month at the Jules Ferry school. The Ukrainian children will have their own class but will join the French children for recess and school meals,” said Hervé Féron, the mayor of Tomblaine. "They will have the chance to live a more normal school life, as many of them cannot go to school due to the lack of underground shelters."

"So many students have to take lessons remotely, but it's very difficult to live like that, so this initiative aims to give them a chance to have an almost normal school life," said Benjamin Abtan.


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