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Children from Boutcha explore Grand-Fort-Philippe in a strengthened partnership

It is with joy that we share these photos taken on the square of the town hall of Grand-Fort-Philippe. The children from the Ukrainian town of Boutcha, aged 7 to 12, are warmly welcomed by their peers from the socio-cultural center l'Estran of Grand-Fort-Philippe. This stay, from July 22nd to August 5th, reinforces the Franco-Ukrainian partnership initiated during the first reception of the young people from Boutcha by Dunkirk this winter.

The program includes enriching visits to the Museum of the Sea, the Rescue House, and discoveries of neighboring towns such as Gravelines, Bourbourg, with moments of relaxation at the zoo and the beach of Escardines de Oye-Plage. They also enjoyed a visit to the Cosmic Parc in Calais for memorable moments of joy and sharing.

This initiative demonstrates the strength of solidarity between peoples and the importance of international partnerships. The Europe Prykhystok association and the community of Grand-Fort-Philippe are proud to contribute to this journey of respite and sharing for the children from Boutcha.

Sony Clinquart, Mayor of Grand-Fort-Philippe, explains: "Patrice Vergriete asked the mayors of the district to welcome these young Ukrainians. I did not hesitate for a second. I am proud to welcome them to our community, and this cooperation within the town is exceptional. It is a beautiful solidarity project. The Secours Populaire also participated in this solidarity action by opening its doors so that the young people could help themselves to clothes."

Beyond cultural and geographical differences, these moments of sharing will remain engraved in everyone's memories, reinforcing the belief that together we will build a better world, where solidarity and fraternity are the pillars of our humanity.

Let us all wish them a wonderful stay and much strength for these children who carry the weight of the world in their eyes.


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