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The 1st District of Prague warmly welcomes the children from Lozova on their way to Tomblaine France

The children from Lozova, aged 8 to 9, in a transplanted class to Tomblaine, were received with great warmth by the 1st District of Prague for a memorable day. This stop was a welcome break in their journey towards Tomblaine, France, where they will spend 5 weeks sheltered from the bombings that almost daily hit their hometown, Lozova, located in the Kharkiv region.

The 1st District of Prague distinguished itself with exemplary responsiveness, swiftly finding a resting place for these young travelers at the Senior's Club of Prague. Thanks to this commitment, the children were able to fully enjoy their day in Prague before continuing on to Tomblaine.

Under the leadership of Ivana Antalová and Miroslav Broz, an enriching excursion was organized for the children. They marveled at the splendor of the Old Town, had fun on the municipal sports field Na Františku, and relished an exquisite lunch. A guided tour of the most iconic historical sites was also on the agenda.

Ivana Antalová, councilor of the 1st District of Prague in charge of social affairs, shared her satisfaction: "As the municipality of the 1st District of Prague, we were delighted to support the Europe Prykhystok Program and provide assistance to the children from Kharkov. They had a fantastic day in the Old Town, had fun on our municipal sports field at Na Františku, enjoyed a good lunch, and discovered the most famous historical places. We wish them a safe journey and a pleasant stay in France."

This day will remain etched in memory, bearing witness to the strength of international solidarity and the positive impact that every act of kindness can have on those who need it most. The children of Lozova carry with them warm memories of their time in Prague, thanks to the generous hospitality of the 1st District of Prague and the Senior's Club of Prague.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this day of rest and sharing for these children who will be able to, even if just for a moment, have a life away from war.


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